About us

The Best in Our Field

Years of experience on construction projects have provided our group with the expertise to operate such schemes efficiently and profitably from initial proposals and budgets leading to full design and construction.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to continue leading the field of construction and throughout the region through our positive and result-oriented approach to modern-day challenges. By offering a unique and a highly ethical approach to business, KPE intends to stay number 1 in the field of construction, and aims to set an unforgettable example for commitment to quality and client satisfaction.

Who we are

Infrast group operates projects as main contractors or developers, depending on the clients’ requirements. Please take some time to look at our projects and get some ideas as to what we are able to do for you.

Customer Care

We deliver on every commitment we make and, no matter where our work takes us, we apply the same set of long-held values.

Infrast in a few words…

Infrast is one of the most advanced main contracting and constructing companies in Kuwait. Our leading position within the construction sector is a result of a successfully controlled expansion program, coupled with its unique knack for building and growing with each success and failure alike, at the same time allowing us to proudly maintain its flawless reputation for outstanding construction.

Infrast has remained loyal to its policy of providing top quality work and services to all its customers and project owners. We aim at meeting or exceeding our clients’ expectations in a competitive and efficient way.

We are aware that we would not have achieved our level of success today without the incredible hard work, commitment and integrity of our staff and employees at all levels and fields.